3006.) Numbers 34

34. Tribes map

Numbers 34   (CEV)

Israel’s Borders

Israel was going to have to take control of the Promised Land by conquest; they would have to drive out the Canaanites to take possession. Yet, they should never consider that the land was given to them because they earned it. It was given to them by God as an inheritance. Inheritances are freely given, not earned.

–David Guzik

1The LORD told Moses 2to tell the people of Israel that their land in Canaan would have the following borders:

3The southern border will be the Zin Desert and the northwest part of Edom. This border will begin at the south end of the Dead Sea. 4It will go west from there, but will turn southward to include Scorpion Pass, the village of Zin, and the town of Kadesh-Barnea. From there, the border will continue to Hazar-Addar and on to Azmon. 5It will run along the Egyptian Gorge and end at the Mediterranean Sea.

6The western border will be the Mediterranean Sea.

7The northern border will begin at the Mediterranean, then continue eastward to Mount Hor.  8After that, it will run to Lebo-Hamath and across to Zedad, which is the northern edge of your land. 9From Zedad, the border will continue east to Ziphron and end at Hazar-Enan.

10The eastern border will begin at Hazar-Enan in the north, then run south to Shepham, 11and on down to Riblah on the east side of Ain. From there, it will go south to the eastern hills of Lake Galilee,  12then follow the Jordan River down to the north end of the Dead Sea. The land within those four borders will belong to you.

The listing of the four boundaries is not only for information, but also to display again the dimensions of God’s great gift to his people.

-notes from The NIV Study Bible

13Then Moses told the people, ” You will receive the land inside these borders. It will be yours, but the LORD has commanded you to divide it among the nine and a half tribes. 14The tribes of Reuben, Gad, and East Manasseh have already been given their land 15across from Jericho, east of the Jordan River.”

The Leaders Who Will Divide the Land

16The LORD said to Moses, 17” Eleazar the priest and Joshua son of Nun will divide the land for the Israelites. 18One leader from each tribe will help them, 19-28and here is the list of their names:

34. TenMen. Esther

Ten men to help divide the land. Ten men to be present for public prayers.  “Ten Men” by SuSan “Esther.”

Caleb son of Jephunneh from Judah,

Shemuel son of Ammihud from Simeon,

Elidad son of Chislon from Benjamin,

Bukki son of Jogli from Dan,

Hanniel son of Ephod from Manasseh,

Kemuel son of Shiphtan from Ephraim,

Elizaphan son of Parnach from Zebulun,

Paltiel son of Azzan from Issachar,

Ahihud son of Shelomi from Asher,

and Pedahel son of Ammihud from Naphtali.”

29These are the men the LORD commanded to help Eleazar and Joshua divide the land for the Israelites.



An encouraging word  — as we see how graciously God led the people of Israel day by day from place to place, and as we review our own experiences and look forward to continued walking with the Lord.  HERE  The Oslo Gospel Choir sings “Never Gonna Lose My Way.”  Because the Lord is faithful, “my feet on solid ground, I trust in You!”


Words by Jan Groth; Music by Tore W. Aas

I was doing fine so long,
thinking I was too strong,
and nothing in this world could shake me.
Everything was black or white,
either wrong or right,
condemning was so very easy.

But I’ve learned my lesson,
yes, I see my misery,
and it’s my confession,
I’m pulling through,
it’s all because the grace I see.

I am never gonna lose my way,
step by step You lead me day by day,
and I’m glad to know that You will always see me through,
my feet on solid ground, I trust in You!

When I used to feel so good,
doing what I should,
convinced that I knew all the answers.
Yes, I simply couldn’t see
it was all a mystery,
how people could be weak and faulty.

But I’m getting wiser,
through defeats and fights,
and it’s so much nicer,
to realize Your love is the cause.

I am never gonna lose my way,
step by step You lead me day by day,
and I’m confident that You will always see me through,
my feet on solid ground, I trust in You!


Contemporary English Version (CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society

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Esther, “Ten Men.”  http://www.jewishartandsoul.com/TenMen.jpg

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