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Welcome to the DWELLING in the Word blog, a study of a chapter of the Bible a day.  The Word of God has untold value in our lives, both for now and for eternity. As Christ said in Mark 13:31 (NIV) — “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”


So as we read together, we are treating the Word of God with a serious love — not that we are burdened or dutiful, but with joyful hearts, since the Word teaches us about the One who loves us best. We will not take the readings in big bites, but slowly, savoring the stories and the people and the events.

I post five readings for each week. We go book-by-book (usually) through the Bible, often alternating Old and New Testament books, and interspersing chapters of the Psalms throughout.

In addition to the readings, I list other resources which complement the text. They may be artwork, commentary, music, maps, literature, movies, humor — meant to offer you a deeper immersion in the ideas of the Word.

Our residence in the Word of God is a kind of journey:  we are, step by step and day by day, on our way to God.  At the same time, God is with us each day!  Our goal is nothing less than complete change!

Mark Nepo, in his book The Exquisite Risk, writes:

“To journey without being changed is to be a nomad.
To change without journeying is to be a chameleon.
To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim.”

Once again, welcome. Now — take your time. Be more and more at home in God’s Word and his love.

DWELLING in the Word with you,

Rebecca Mitchell

I am a farm girl from Iowa, the daughter of devoted Christian parents, a graduate of Wheaton College, an English teacher, a mother of three wonderful kids, a biblical storyteller, a happy wife to David, now at home on an island off the coast of Georgia.

40 Responses to about DWELLING

  1. Heidi Kvanli says:

    I am very impressed with the design and content of your blog. (Of course, how can you go wrong with God’s Word?) I forwarded your “Dwelling in the Word” invitation to the Gloria Dei E-Mail Prayer Team (100+ households) with the encouragement to check it out. I’m eager to hear what kind of response I get.

    Thank you, Mount Carmel Ministries!

  2. Todd Nelsen says:

    This is another awesome Gift of God from Mt. Carmel. I will make sure it is linked to our website and I will follow Heidi’s example and send it on to our prayer chain. Thanks for sharing this gift.

  3. Janet Loveland says:

    Wow! It’s reverent, thought provoking, and holy. And at the same time your presentation is funny, entertaining, and created extremely professionally. The communication of God’s word is so clear. A heartfelt thank you.

  4. Lynda Wetzel says:

    How do I keep track of where I have been and where I am going? I love everything I have seen and don’t want to miss out on anything.
    Thank you.

  5. Wayne Pris says:

    Dwelling in the Word is very well done. Reflections, art and music are all supportive of the message. This
    is a blessing to us.

  6. Debe Kortness says:

    Wow, this is great. I love the artistic additions to enhance understanding and appreciation of the scripture. It works for days I am interested in the words of the Word and other days when I need the input of other sources to help me “get the picture.”
    And best of all I can access it anytime. This is important since I work 12 hour night shifts, and frequently cannot make daytime things at my home church. Thank you!

  7. Chris Awes says:

    What a wonderful way to spend time in the Word everyday! I look forward to each reading and LOVE the additional content, which gives context and further reflection to the scripture. This is beautifully done! I will be sure to let others know about DWELLING in the Word.

  8. M P Richter says:

    I start my morning by reading and listening to DWELLING in the Word. I shared this with my daughter, who travels extensively in her work. She has found DWELLING in the Word to be a wonderful way to begin her day wherever she is. THANK YOU!

  9. Adri Melander says:


    I love your site. I wanted to start from the beginning, Genesis 1 and move forward. Can you help me navigate your site?


    Adri Melander

  10. Linda Beckman says:

    The words of God’s love we pass on to others is a gift
    and outreach to others. We may be that special touch
    that changes theire day.For God so loved the world.

  11. JD Schol says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know about the link at the top of the page. Coming to your site is much better than the email, especially concerning the music. I am wondering how many other people would prefer just getting a link in their email as opposed to the whole blog. God bless you for everything you do !

  12. ultworship says:

    DWELLING IN THE WORD has been a mainstay of my spiritual diet since May of 2009. I learned of it three weeks after its inception and spent several hours one day enjoying all three weeks so I would be up-to-date! I’ve never been sorry! It has been an inspiring journey and a meaningful encouragement in my walk with the Lord. I am grateful for this thoughtful presentation of the Word and pray rich blessings on Rebecca for her deep love of the One Who is the Living Word!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Carole. It is truly my privilege to present, each day, a portion of food for all of us who are hungry for the Bread of life. May each day of study in God’s Word be a feast for us all!

  13. 4mygodsglory says:

    Beautifully done and I have only looked at two of your posts. Well executed and practical! Love it and may God bless you as you continue on this journey to dissecting the Word!

  14. Arne Berge says:

    Nice with the different resources you have found to the texts. I am pastor in The Church of Norway and will come back to your blog. Greetings from Arne

  15. I just finished reading this particular assuage in my bible. Was looking up “something else” and happened upon this, which illustrated beautifully what I just had read, along with the song “day by day”.

    If I don’t start my day in His Word, my day is incomplete .

    Your blog is on my desktop – thank you.

    Praise me to God

  16. “Passage”. – correction

  17. Hello Rebecca,
    I am a pastor who is writing a book on the Gospel of Mark. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and refer people to it. I have two questions: 1) how does one go about getting permission to include some of the artwork that you include in your blog (I want to use a picture like that for the cover of my book)? 2) Is it ok if I include a link to you blog on our church website (currently under construction) ? Thanks so much.
    Blessings, Dave Holland, Pastor of Life Center Foursquare Church
    davidvholland54@gmail.com 970-691-9017

  18. Giddy says:

    Thanks, I take excepts from your blog almost everyday.

  19. Dhanashree Phadate says:

    I would like to request permission to reuse image from your site.
    Could you please send me the email id so that i can send you formal request.

    • Rebecca says:

      Nearly all the pictures I use come from Google Images and I note my sources at the bottom of each blog posting. I do not own any of them and so I cannot give you a valid permission. I would imagine that you are free to use them, as I am free to use them — not for profit or commercial purposes.

  20. NOREEN KLEIN says:

    Hi, I am in Adelaide, Australia. I don;t know how I came by this BLog but we love it and look forward to it each day , as well as the music… which leads t more music .
    Suddenly I am not receiving it and have to Google it – am disappointed. would love to receive it continually. Point me in the right direction.

    • Rebecca says:

      Welcome, Noreen! My dad, who died three years ago at age 99, visited Adelaide after he was drafted into WW2, on his way to New Guinea! He rarely spoke about the war but he did often mention the friendliness of the people of Adelaide! Anyway, to your question–I have no control over the sending of the posts. I set them up to publish at 2 AM each day and somehow it generally happens! The only thing I can recommend is to sign up again? and again? I hope you get this resolved! And thanks so much for joining us. God bless you!

  21. shannahdutka says:

    Good evening David
    Can I use your pics on my website Shannahdutka.com

    • Rebecca says:

      Please feel free. I get almost all of my images off Google Images, and I acknowledge the source site at the bottom of each post.

  22. Stephen Kent Ehat says:

    Hello, Rebecca. I am giving a presentation about chiasmus in the scriptures (at a conference that is free and open to the public) and would like to use in my PowerPoint one image from your site, one that you have used many times in your many wonderful postings, namely, https://dwellingintheword.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/josh14-mountain.jpg May I have permission to do so? The credit line would read “Image courtesy of https://dwellingintheword.files.wordpress.com; used by permission” Thanks! Stephen Ehat stephen@ehat.org

  23. Emmanuel Tio says:

    September 19, 2018

    Know All Men by These Presents:

    I hereby ask for your permission to use a picture from your website for the
    book “Ang Simbahan ay Katoliko at Hindi Katolika”/”A Christmas Prayer.”

    If there will be requirements to be accomplished, please inform me

    Thank you!

    Respectfully yours,

    Emmanuel Tio

    • Rebecca says:

      To Emmanuel — I give you my approval, of course, but I do not own any of the pictures (other than family shots). At the bottom of each post, I list the source of my pictures. Feel free to consult them. And my best wishes to you as you work on your book! Sincerely, Rebecca

  24. Tamara Elrod says:

    I would like to subscribe to this blog

  25. Lesley says:

    Your blog is beautiful. 🙂

  26. Claudia Juhl says:

    Thank you for putting John 1 and Genesis 1 together. I believe John intentionally copied the format of Genesis. I also like your new availability.

    • Rebecca says:

      Genesis 1 begins my third time through the Bible in DWELLING. I am going to try, this time through, to connect Scriptures which complement each other, like Genesis 1 and John 1. Thank you for noticing!

  27. Michael says:

    Hey Rebecca, my name is Michael, do you have an email address where I can contact you?

    I have a partnership proposal for you 😉

    PS: I love your blog…

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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