Simple Secrets

Study 1 – The Heart of Our Faith

Christianity is about what God has done for us, not what we do for God. (1 Corinthians 15)


Study 2 – God’s First Creation

The theme of the Bible is creation. God’s creative word is an event that changes all things. His Word of forgiveness is a word that changes our relationship to Him (justification) and it is also His creative word that is a process that changes our behavior over time (sanctification). (Genesis 1)


Study 3 – The Creation of Man in the Image of God

When God created us we shared both a spiritual likeness with the Triune God and a physical likeness with animals. As humans, we have a dignity by virtue of our created identity with God.   (Genesis 1: 26-28;  Hebrews 2;  Psalm 8 )


Study 4 – The Trouble with Man

The message of the Bible is about reality not “what if.” The devil’s lies begin with “if.” When we trust the devil’s lies we are cut off from the Word of life.   (Genesis 3;  Romans 3)


Study 5 – The Health Syndrome

God uses experiences in life to help us move from immaturity and insecurity to confidence and a mature faith in God. God uses trouble to help us learn how to live by 2nd thoughts with the power of the Holy Spirit. This involves confession and forgiveness. We can live our lives controlled either by thanksgiving to God or by guilt and resentment.   (Psalm 32;   James 5:16)


Study 6 – God’s Second Perfect Man

The first creation began with the universe and ended with mankind. In God’s new creation, God starts with the Second Perfect Man and will end with a new heavens and a new earth. The new man, Jesus, reveals how to live by God’s power for imperfect people called grace.   (John 1)


Study 7 – Son of God, Creator

We discover how Jesus not only shares in creation, but also is active in our lives creating new life in us.    (Colossians 1;   Hebrews 1;  Ephesians 1;  2 Corinthians. 5:17)


Study 8 – Jesus Christ, the second perfect man

Jesus is the new Adam. The contrast with the first Adam shows us how things have changed in Christ. We see the new creation we have in Jesus.   (Romans 5)


Study 9 – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit’s work is a creative word which brings the new birth in Christ. We experience the forgiveness of sin. The Spirit’s ministry continues the work of Jesus through the word of the Bible which the Spirit uses to convict, comfort and clarify.   (John 3;  Acts 2;  John 14-16;  2 Corinthians 5;  Romans 7)


Study 10 – Baptism, Creative Act of God

God’s creative power in baptism is connected to the Holy Spirit who works in baptism to bring us blessings. A distinction is made between the baptism of John and the baptism of Jesus.   (Matthew 2;  Acts 18;  Acts 19;  Acts 2, 8,9,10,16, 22;  Romans 6;  Galatians 3;  Colossians 2;  Titus 3)


Study 11 – Daily a new Creation

Every person needs to live under God’s grace in Jesus. To do this requires a transfer from living under the law. Only under grace is a person free to yield control of one’s behavior to God. Under law sin still controls. Under grace, God is in control.   (Romans 6)


Study 12 – Keeping on Being a Christian

Renewing our mind keeps us under grace. We turn to the Lord and are changed daily. The Spirit creates new desires in us and this life is freedom.   (Romans 12;  2 Corinthians 3;  Ephesians 4)


Study 13 – The Battle inside Yourself

Each person will bear fruit either for death or for God. The battle for life giving fruit goes on inside each of us. We find the battle zone between the old me, the flesh, and the new me, the inmost self. The solution to the battle is to get help from the only one who can strengthen our inmost self, Jesus Christ.   (Romans 7)


Study 14 – No Condemnation for those in Christ

The Holy Spirit sets us free from captivity to the law of sin and death. We now orbit around a new world view filled with God. Our mind can now be set on the work of the Spirit and not on the Flesh.   (Romans 8 )


Study 15 – Suffering and Glory

Our sufferings are an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in us. For the Spirit, the Father and the Son are all interceding for us. We need to remain faithful to the word of God.   (Romans 8 )


Study 16 – The church, The new people of God

The church is made up of those who are called out of darkness into the light of Christ. People who have been saved by grace want others to share this power for imperfect people. This fellowship of forgiven sinners is a community built on the foundation of the promises of God.    (Matthew 16;  1 Peter 2;  John 20;  2 Corinthians 5;  1 John 1)


Study 17 – The Mission of the New People of God

The new people of God have as their purpose to tell others what Jesus has done for them. These people are witnesses to the good news they have seen and heard. Jesus has commanded the new people to go into all the world and bring everyone His message of good news.   (Matthew 28;  Mark 16;  Acts 1;  John 20;  Luke 4)


Study 18 – The New Meal of the New People of God

Jesus gave his new people a new meal. The purpose of this meal is to assure those eating of the forgiveness of their sins. This meal is contrasted to the Passover meal that was eaten by Jews before they escaped the slavery to Pharaoh.    (Matthew 26;  Exodus 12)


Study 19 – The Lord’s Supper, a supernatural meal

The new meal that the new people of God share is also a meal in which Jesus is present. There are cautions about how we should eat this meal with other believers.   (1 Corinthians 10, 11, 12)


Study 20 – The Gifts of the Spirit

For the new people to carry out the purpose of the church, they need gifts from the Holy Spirit. The gifts are given to help people do their work for the Lord in the world.   (1 Corinthians 12;  Ephesians 4;  Romans 12;  Gaatians 5;  Romans 5;  1 Corinthians 13 )


Study 21 – Disputed Opinions among New People of God

The new people of God differ in what they regard as acceptable diet and behavior. We are given words from Jesus and from leaders of the church about how we are to regard people who differ from our thoughts on these things.   (Mark 7;  Romans 14)


Study 22 – The Resurrection of the Body

Though the new people of God now live out their faith in various forms on earth, an event will take place in time where all the dead will be raised. Our resurrected life will have a new body.   (1 Corinthians 15)


Study 23 – What happens between Death and Resurrection?

Since people died before Christ’s return, one of the questions asked was what happens to believers who die before the final resurrection the dead comes. This question is answered in this study.   (2 Corinthians 5;  Luke 16;  Mark 12;  Philippians 1)


Study 24 – Judgment Day, The Resurrection to Life

God’s new people are saved by grace and not by works but some are confused about judgment based on works. A living faith produces good works just like a fruit tree produces fruit.   (John 5;  Matthew 25;  Revelation 20; Romans 8 )

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Study 25 – Judgment Day, the Judgment of Works

Scripture passages that reveal how our talents and gifts are expected to produce a certain kind of fruit not out of fear of punishment but out of desire for service.   (Matthew 25;  Matthew 20)


Study 26 – New Heavens and a New Earth

God started creation by His word that created the universe. In God’s second creation, He started with the second perfect man, Jesus, and ends this creation with a new heavens and a new earth.   (2 Peter 3)


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  1. Alex vanNes says:

    I am sure you had this question before, but why do the Simple Secrets videos not work? Alex from Belgium

    • Rebecca says:

      Alex, I did not realize the video links were no longer working! Thank you for letting me know! We put up the Simple Secrets materials years ago at the request/donation of a supporter. We are no longer in touch with them — perhaps they have changed their end of the connection? At any rate, I will delete the video link. I believe the audio links still work.

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